Tour of 
Castles and Palaces of Spain

Spain is one of the most historically rich destinations in Europe, with a spectacular heritage of perfectly preserved castles and palaces.

Come and discover these routes with Turfaz

In Turfaz we offer guided tours and we keep working to offer you much more in the future.

These tours are not just any tours; they meet very high standards, as our aim is to promote quality cultural tourism.

In addition to guided tours of each monument, with all the health safety guarantees required by the new regulations against Covid-19, it is also possible to enjoy such unique events as a picnic in a castle tower, a theatrical tour, a medieval lunch or a wine tasting, among others.

Xúquer Castle Tour 
Belmonte Castle Tour 
The Ribera Castles Tour
The Ribera Mediaeval Towers Tour
Mediaeval Hermitages Tour
Tour of the Monasteries
The Italian Valencia
Tour of l’Albufera and Els Ullals de Baldoví in Sueca
Tour of the Monasteries of la Ribera and La Safor
Cullera Castle Tour – In process
Tour of the Vinalopó Castles (based on the book by D. Rafael Cebrián) – In process
The Holy Grail Tour


Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional sphere in order to achieve better results.

As far as the phone is concerned, augmented reality combined with gamification offers the opportunity to provide the traveller with added value through mobile applications. Generating narratives that make the tourist the main actor of an adventure, challenges and social interaction with other players are just some examples of dynamics that can be created through this type of applications

Since a couple of years ago, Turfaz works alongside the company Prisma in order to offer you very soon these same routes in a more playful way with the Play & Go Experience.


Your own special event in a Castle

Do you want to celebrate your event in a unique place? Whether it is a wedding, a congress, a wine tasting… Contact us and we will help you find the ideal Castle or Palace.



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